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War Hound

I am working on a grim dark novel called War Hound and I don’t know if I will finish and I wanted to share the prologue. I hope you enjoy it. Prologue Tydan hefted the sword, its grip worn from multiple generations of use.  His father and grandfather had been leaders of the War Hounds, … Continue reading War Hound

Campaign Dilemmas

With all the games out there, how do you decide which game to play? I am currently having that dilemma myself. I find myself wanting to stick with the traditional fantasy route. Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition seems like the logical choice to run a game in because it is popular and easy to get … Continue reading Campaign Dilemmas

Changing Things Up

I was looking over my notes this past week and realized that I was planning on using the same monster in several encounters. This seems a little boring and while it makes sense in an adventure where you might come across several of the same types of monster in a given area, it makes for … Continue reading Changing Things Up

Walls of the Watchtower of Woe

Flavor Text: As you approach the watchtower, you notice that the walls surrounding it are more formidable than you had anticipated.  The stone wall is filled with machicolations from which an enemy could easily reign down destruction.  The northern and southern walls have gates with heavy portcullises preventing easy entry. This week is the start … Continue reading Walls of the Watchtower of Woe

Kid’s Corner – Issue 2

Things have been hectic this week, as we dealt with illness and starting back to school in a hybrid physical attendance / virtual learning. I am still behind creating my encounter, I will probably have it up tomorrow as planned, but I am also running a game tonight on Zoom, (which you can still sign … Continue reading Kid’s Corner – Issue 2

Attack of the Sand Shifters!

Flavor Text: Your party has made it across The Great Desert and is currently in the rocky foothills on its outskirts.  Suddenly, arrows rain down killing the horses!  A strange ball of flame bursts through the air, setting fire to the wagon carrying your supplies.  On a ledge above the crest of the hill you … Continue reading Attack of the Sand Shifters!

The Adventure Begins

Hello, my name is Jim May and I am a Dungeon Master/Gamemaster/Judge, etc.  I have had the great fortune to play in that role since 2007, when I started roleplaying with Dungeons and Dragons 3.5.  When I first started, maybe like you, it was a confusing and sometimes difficult task.  I used some preprinted adventures … Continue reading The Adventure Begins

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