The Adventure Begins

Hello, my name is Jim May and I am a Dungeon Master/Gamemaster/Judge, etc.  I have had the great fortune to play in that role since 2007, when I started roleplaying with Dungeons and Dragons 3.5.  When I first started, maybe like you, it was a confusing and sometimes difficult task.  I used some preprinted adventures to start off with but longed to develop my own content.  I found myself frequently at a loss as how to structure encounters fairly.  My homebrew content was stagnant and boring with lots of 5×5 rooms with straight lines connecting them. 

So, I kept doing it.  I kept reading fantasy, sci-fi, and horror.  I kept pouring over preprinted adventures, monster manuals, and aides.  Eventually I felt a freedom to create.  At first I just reskinned existing monsters, keeping their stats.  Then I started adding an extra attack or taking one away.  After a few years, I found myself reading a story or watching a TV show and then creating a custom monster or drawing out a room to save on an index card to drop into a game later.

Creating homebrew content is great, but sometimes it is time consuming.  The goal of this site is to serve as an assist to the beginning gamemaster, an aide to the experienced but busy gamemaster, or just as inspiration for you to tweak and modify as you see fit.  I plan on having roughly related encounters that can be chained together on the blog as you see fit.  Once I get enough, I will probably clean them up, add some connecting text and NPC’s and put them up for sale as completed adventures.

My initial content plan is to release the basic map and encounter details on Sundays, give the monsters stats for 5th edition D&D on Monday, Dungeon Crawl Classics on Wednesdays, and on Fridays I will review some gaming product that I have used that is helpful or interesting. Saturdays I will occasionally post an article about getting kids involved in roleplaying games.   I might eventually change things up depending on feedback and popularity.  I have chosen those systems because I am familiar with them and they have a large audience.  If you would like to see monster stats for another system let me know and I may add them.  I will also occasionally write a post detailing my creative process.

I would not be celebrating this hobby in this way without the inspiration of two people.  First, my first Dungeon Master, Bill Guinan. He introduced me to the game, teaching me how to play as a player and showing me the ropes of how Dungeon Mastering works. The second is Judge Brendan LaSalle.  His passion for running games is infectious. He inspired me to enjoy running the game, instead of just going through the motions.    He taught me how to make my games exciting for my players and myself by not having just run of the mill encounters.  If you ever get a chance to see him in action at a convention or read through one of his adventure modules, you should take it. 

I am glad you are here, and I hope that you enjoy the adventure that we have started together.

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