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Kid’s Corner – Issue 2

T. May, age 8

Things have been hectic this week, as we dealt with illness and starting back to school in a hybrid physical attendance / virtual learning. I am still behind creating my encounter, I will probably have it up tomorrow as planned, but I am also running a game tonight on Zoom, (which you can still sign up for until noon EST today) so I may not be able to get it where I want it in time for posting tomorrow.

My oldest son however had time to design this dungeon before bed last night so I wanted to share it on his behalf. If you want to get your kids involved in the hobby, the best thing you can do is encourage them to get into the game as they see fit. I am going to let him help me roll up the pregens for tonight’s game and let him watch me do the final preparations.

I have a large collection of miniatures that my youngest son loves to play with. I mainly do theater of the mind these days, especially with the online gaming that has taken over, but he just goes wild when he sees them. He is six, so the rules are not something he is ready for, but he gets to be the “dungeon master.” He tells a story, using the minis and then we roll off d20’s to resolve conflict. Sometimes he is benevolent, other times the fights are extremely brutal.

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