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Walls of the Watchtower of Woe

Machicolation image from Wikipedia

Flavor Text:

As you approach the watchtower, you notice that the walls surrounding it are more formidable than you had anticipated.  The stone wall is filled with machicolations from which an enemy could easily reign down destruction.  The northern and southern walls have gates with heavy portcullises preventing easy entry.

This week is the start of a series of encounters entitled Winged Warriors from the Watchtower of Woe.  The goal of the encounter is to enter the watchtower, preferably unnoticed by its occupants.  A brash party may attempt to burst open one of the portcullises, alerting the guards inside and initiating a fight.  One group in playtesting attempted to trick the guards into opening the gates through verbal trickery.  The more conventional ones will attempt to scale the wall.   There is a patrol that guards the top of the wall.  If alerted the patrol will attempt to throw rocks down on the players through the machicolations.

This week is more of a noncombat encounter where stealthy parties will do well. Details on the monsters and hazards will be provided on the appropriate days.

Meet the Monsters:

Winged Sentinel

These winged creatures make up the bulk of the Winged Warlord’s defense troops.  They are grey winged humanoid creatures that resemble animated statues with lion like heads.  Most are armed with spears or crossbows. 

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