Watchtower of Woe – The Courtyard Below

Once the party gets past the wall from last week, they have to deal with the possibility of more Winged Warriors (stats last week: 5e and DCC). Several groups of Winged Warriors patrol the courtyard by day, but at night there are giant gem-encrusted lion like creatures that patrol the ground. There are shrubberies and barrels to hide behind as well as some pallets of trade goods such as bricks and firewood.

You will have two types of parties and depending on which type you have, this encounter will be dramatically different. The group that does this in the day time is going to have a harder time hiding, especially because they have already had to most likely deal with some of the Winged Warriors. They risk the possibility of having more of the garrison come out to reinforce the troops. As the GM, you get to choose how many Winged Warriors they come into contact with. Did they wipe out the first group they encountered? How much noise did they make? You can have them fight all the Winged Warriors at once or make several small encounters with various patrols.

At night, the gem-encrusted lion like creatures are released and they have been trained attack anything they encounter. They are blind but have excellent smell and tremor sense. The night time party is most likely to encounter at least one of them. Like the Winged Warriors their gemmed skin gives them a tough hide to deal with. They are able to shoot a red laser like beam out of their eyes. Astute players may notice a weak spot on the back of the head they can attack to disable the creature. I would describe it as a strange metallic mound at the base of their neck. The mound is a control collar that keeps the creature from attacking the Winged Warriors and underneath is access to their sensitive organs. I will discuss how to adjudicate this in further articles.

After the group survives the challenges in the courtyard, they will have the option of storming the watchtower through the doorway into the garrison of the somewhat thinned out Winged Warriors or to climb the side of the tower towards the room of the Crystalline Spider which will be discussed next week.

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