Watchtower of Woe – The Courtyard Below – DCC Stats

As in the 5th edition encounter on Monday, the majority of the creatures in this encounter are the Winged Warriors detailed last week. I would handle the gem-encrusted lion in DCC as having its weakness exploitable by the mighty deed of arms precision shot (pg 90 DCC corerulebook) or a thief’s backstab. I would give the thief a DC 15 sneak check to not be noticed by the gem-encrusted lion. Lower the DC by 1 for each party member in combat with it.

This monster is tough, but with its built in weaknesses and the amount of places a thief can hide in the courtyard gives them a significant chance at doing significant damage. Of course, if the party makes too much noise, they may attract the attention of more Winged Warriors or Gem-encrusted lions.

Gem-encrustetd Lion

Init: +0; Atk bite +5 melee (2d7), eyebeam +0 (11d14+3 range 10); AC 18; HD 5d10+10; MV 20’; Act 1d20; SV Fort +8, Ref -2, Will, -2; AL C

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