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Changing Things Up

I was looking over my notes this past week and realized that I was planning on using the same monster in several encounters. This seems a little boring and while it makes sense in an adventure where you might come across several of the same types of monster in a given area, it makes for very poor content.

I like the idea of creating monsters and then stating them up for different games. I will continue doing this for 5th edition D&D and also Dungeon Crawl Classics. I may add Pathfinder 2e or OSR stats to my monsters as well. I also do intent on creating thematic monsters that will eventually be released in either zine style bestiaries or published adventures.

I plan on still doing reviews, I have one about 75% of the way done for an adventure module that I am running tomorrow night and will be able to give it a fairer review after having played it first hand.

Kid’s Corner will still be an occasional column as well.

I think I will also start writing up reports of actual play games and do some more active recruiting for games. You may have noticed the upcoming games tab and the enhanced game sign up/contact form. I also have written an article on creating safe spaces in online roleplaying games.

My current gaming schedule has gotten quite full lately, I started 5 days of consecutive gaming yesterday and it is taking a toll on me so I am slowing things down after this weekend. Other than cons I want to keep my oneshots to alternating between 5e and DCC. I am going to try running a biweekly 5e campaign and a biweekly Call of Cthulhu campaign for some variety. I am also going to try and play in one game a week or every other week just for a change of pace.

As always if anything I have mentioned sounds interesting to you feel free to sign up on my contact page.

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