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Review – Rules of Engagement – DCC Quick Naval Combat Rules

This is a great supplement if you are running a nautical game. Naval combat rules are usually clunky and not fun. I have traditionally just handled them in a narrative fashion in my game, but have always felt like I was missing out on an opportunity. This rules set helps solve the problem. This item was produced by 2 Old Guys Games who are best know for their Quick Crawl line of adventures and the adventure Sinking the Stercorarius, The Salty Funnel Level 0 Adventure available on Drive Thru RPG here or a nice print copy from Goodman Game’s webstore here.

There are simple rules for ship to ship combat and how the ships can position themselves to effectively fire upon each other and criteria for when they can be boarded. But this is not just a simple Judge vs. player process. Players get a chance to actively man the guns to help fire on the enemy ship with the cannon rules. There are rules about where to hit and damage ships, including trackers for ship damage. But a ship has a crew beyond just the players. They may wish to leave the cannonading to the crew and do damage control on the ship, like repairing sustained damage or putting out fires. There are guidelines for this as well. The end of the rules section contains optional advanced rules for things such as wind conditions, piloting the ship, and how to magic interacts with naval combat. The pdf also includes player handouts. The final page is a layerd map with various ships on a water surface that can be used on VTTs.

The nice thing is that every one of these rules are modular and have simplified versions. You can use the rules full on and have detailed naval combat, or just take the pieces that you like for a simpler experience. The product is listed here in the DCC section because the publisher primarily makes DCC products, however this product is really system neutral and could easily be adapted to any game system that needs naval combat. Excellent choice and a great bargain for the price. Next time I run a nautical adventure, I am definitely going to make use of these rules.

Pick it up here on Drive Thru RPG

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