Xcrawl North American Cup Coming January 2021!

Xcrawl Classics just received a Beta rule set release a few weeks ago. If you haven’t heard of Xcrawl, the premise is that in a dystopian future for entertainment, the populace watches a program with adventurers participating in wild, dangerous dungeons controlled by a DJ (Dungeon Judge). Adventurers compete for gold and fame. It is part Dungeon Crawl Classics, part WWE, and part The Running Man and all fun.

I am working on a page that will allow you to track your character’s fame and submit it to the leaderboards. Will you be the top Xcrawl player in the world? The preseason will start up with the North American Cup in January 2021. All you need to do is play a game of Xcrawl and use the form on the site to submit your fame. Keep track of your character’s fame and you can resubmit your character data to update the leaderboards. Character fame is on the honor system. The preseason will last until the physical rules are available from a Kickstarter next year, when the World Cup will begin. At the end of the preseason, the top three characters will be immortalized on the site and the winner of the preseason will receive a commemorative certificate that can be printed and framed to show your friends and family just how famous your character has become.

You can modify any existing Xcrawl dungeons or make up your own. I am currently working on a few ideas myself, including a mini Tennessee Cup with a few thematic crawls based on cities in my home state. I will post my Tennessee Crawls for you all to enjoy when they are finished. For the preseason, you can use the beta rules, the original Xcrawl rules for D&D 3.0, or the Maximum Xcrawl for Pathfinder rules.

Beta rules can be downloaded for free from the Goodman Games website.

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