Upcoming Online Games

Hello, this page is where I list my upcoming games. In these days of online gaming, I am always looking for people to play with. To sign up for an upcoming game, go to the contact page and submit your name, email address, and the game you wish to play on the comments. If I have space, I will invite you to my Discord server for details of the game. Right now, most of the games are done using just Discord and the honor system on dice rolls. If you want to play Dungeon Crawl Classics and don’t have the funky dice, I am happy to roll them for you as the Judge.

Click the image above to join my Discord!

Upcoming Games

Friday November 20th 6:00 PM MST (8:00 PM EST)RPG ALLIANCE Con

DCC Not in Kansas Anymore Level 0 Funnel. We will be running the level 0 adventure “Not in Kansas Anymore.” You are no hero, you are just a poor soul from the 1970’s who is suddenly pulled to a mysterious dimension. Pregens will be provided along with a Discord server invite.


Buy tickets here and check out some of the other great events at the con!

Thursday December 31st 9:00 PM EST – New Year’s Evil

Let’s end this crazy year with some XCrawl. Start the new year off right with the kick off of the Xcrawl North American Cup! This will be a level 2 adventure using the Beta Xcrawl Classics rules, which can be downloaded here. The game will be ran through Discord video/audio. Pregenerated characters will be provided, unless you want to bring your own. Your fame will earn you the first places on the leaderboard! Sign up for the game via the sign up page or join the Discord server.

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